Nintendo conection tour 2011 review

on Sunday the 9th of October I lined up to get into the Nintendo connection tour when I lined I got an ocarina and some Pokemon AR cards as well as a card to enter in  a Zelda competition as soon as I got in I went straight to Skyward sword there are 3 levels to choose fr0m bird flying, dungeon and boss fight I chose bird flying . The level starts off  with you and some other kids  having  a bird race to win Zelda (who is not a princess) I found it very hard to c0ontroll your bird. Next I briefly played Mario kart 7  it looked like just Mario kart ds with beautiful graphics but that is only because the all the demos are from E3 2011. Next they had a quiz after the quiz I played  Super Mario 3d land  I didn’t play it for long but it was basically galaxy 2 3d.

Gold coast

Hi blog readers I am going to the gold coast on the 1st of October to stay with my Uncle with my Nanna for a week I was wondering what things I should do there including rides at the different worlds
Milford Sound in New Zealand

anouncing Top 1000 games

please post your favorite games so I can have a list by the end of the year

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Anouncing the new game Miner Wars

HI I am proud to anounce my first ever game Miner Wars it may take me a while because I am trying to learn c++. You can stay tuned to updates at and checkout my other website
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Getting The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and a Ocarina

Hi blog readers.
Last thursday I bought The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Ocarina bundel which had the game,music sheet and my vey own 12 hole Zelda Ocarina. ocarina
The Ocarina dates back millions of years ago but was forgotten when the Recorder came along but was made more popular when “the legend of zelda ocarina of time came along for the Nintendo 64.
the game is arguably the greatest game of all time it is tricky and fun and it was one of the first ever games to get a ten out of ten from you start off as a child who has to save the world from the evil Gannondorf! the has been many remakes for the game including a master quest for the Gamecube it was on virtual console of the Wii and now is the best game on the 3DS.
ps I will be posting my photos soon due to some technichal difficulties along with stuff about camp and tell me which widget you would like to see on my blog.